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Cider Review (The Cider Critic) 5th Feb 2022

Tinston – Anatomy 2018 (7.5%)

Liam was a winemaker first (since 2010 – all over the world) and then started making cider in 2017. His friend, a farmer’s son, had some random apple trees which they used to make a cider using champagne method and it evolved into this. A single variety Bramley cider “for those who want something perfectly English and supremely delicious.”

How I served: fridge temperature 

Colour: yellow gold (with a slight orange hue)

On the nose: fresh green apples and zesty tarte au citron; bitter lemons and vanilla pastry. Along with grassy meadows and floral notes of elderflower and honeysuckle.

In the mouth: such smooth bubbles followed by full tongue biting flash of citrus-like acidity. The citrus dessert then arrives with creamy vanilla, definitely some malolactic character going on. It’s all green apples and lemons though really, crisp green apples and bitter citrus pith. A perception of sweetness starts to come through as my glass warms and the bubbles ease, which mellows and balances the acidity a little.

In a nutshell: champagne who? This is the toast you’re looking for.