Great new review of our Anatomy Sparkling Cider 2017 from @Cidervoice. Click on this tab or scroll down for full review.

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New Review of our Anatomy Sparkling Cider 2017 from @Cidervoice

Anatomy 2017 - English Sparkling Cider 7.5%

Next up, not just a new cider but a new cidermaker. We started Cider Voice to shout about great producers in an industry where marketing budgets are small and social media can drown out as much as it amplifies. We want to celebrate the best cider and perry from the UK and beyond. Tinston are a Sussex-based producer of cider and wine, and that winey lineage is obvious in this apple champagne.

A bright, clear gold. Fine, active bubbles.

Deep, complex apple with bready yeasty notes and strong white wine notes of gooseberry and sea salt. This smells unlike anything we've had before.

Tart, bright green apple right up front which softens into fresh gooseberry, apricot and eventually peachy sweetness. That slightly savoury, bready note underpins everything balancing wonderfully. The acid keeps things fresh but there is plenty of depth to lengthen the cider.

Sharp effervescence with fine bubbles. Quite full-bodied despite the acid and the carbonation.

Drink this with creamy, garlicky mussels and crusty bread or a summery crayfish salad.

Bought from @scrattings.