Our Story

I have had a passion for wine and winemaking ever since I started working for Majestic wine many years ago. They ignited a passion that would take me through a BSc Viticulture & Oenology degree in the UK and onto becoming a winemaker. I have been lucky enough to make wine in some of the best wine producing countries in the world; learning tricks of the trade from winemakers in California, South-West France, Australia and New Zealand. Recently I have acted as Head Winemaker at both Three Choirs and Carr-Taylor in the UK. But I am passionate about creating truly English wine and cider in my own style and focus.
I am a more recent convert to the world of English cider and love dry, crisp styles with bags of classic English apple character. This love of cider led me to use my winemaking skills to produce an English cider using methods more associated with sparkling wine production. I think the result is elegant, surprising and unlike any other cider being made right now. It has already converted many non-cider drinkers over to the dark side.
My preference and personal winemaking philosophy is minimal intervention in the wine and cider production process. I don’t add anything or take away anything unnecessarily. I want the grapes and apples to speak for themselves and give people the purest expression of the fruit as humanly possible. Producing wines and ciders without orchards, vineyard or winery allows me to be flexible and choose the grapes and apples I need to buy to make the type of wines I want.
The wines and cider are all dry and made with minimal additives and processing to ensure they are vegan and vegetarian. I will not and have not added sweetness pre-bottling to make the finished product softer and more palatable. These are English products which made naturally will be crisp and sharp and I do not shy away from that.
I wanted the branding to mirror the simple, pure expression of the wine and cider. To this end the label artwork and general branding is simple, clean and clear. The artwork for all the labels was original artwork created by my wife Maddy. She is the real creative force at work to make the branding look as it does.
My aim with these products is to showcase the quality of English fruit. I am lucky to be part of an Industry that is new, innovative, willing to take risks and one that values sustainable development. I want to continue and add to the quality of English wine and cider already out there. I think these products are unique due to the simple fact that they are not designed to appeal to general mass market trends or tastes. They are simple, non-targeted, no-bullshit products that are as they come, no apologies.